Every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm!

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“Just wanted to thank your warmth and hospitality, Oriah. The Circle last Tuesday was wonderful and your home carries such a beautiful energy that I’m still feeling it. Hugs and blessings to you both :)” ~Vicky S

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Join us in a cozy environment with candles and fireplace at our Red Eagle Ranch on Las Flores Canyon Rd in Malibu (15 min from Santa Monica). Grab a hot tea and settle in for a night of connection to Spirit, yours, theirs, ours and anyone else’s you would like to connect to. We offer you a safe, loving place to discover who you really are, connect with new and old friends and ‘get away from it all.’ Get answers to your deepest questions about your life and the planet. Join us!!! ~Oriah (Find out more about us, and see scheduled events:  http://rizmirza.com)

So beyond words grateful that together my mother and I got to experience the Circle of Light w Riz & Oriah Mirza tonight. An extraordinary evening!!! ~Kavi L


My wife Oriah and I are pleased every week to bring messages from the ‘other side’ in our Tue & Thu channeling groups. Is it really the ‘other side’ though? It is truly a personal internal experience of truth that only you can discern for yourself. It is a time for reflection and an opportunity to understand your humanity and your soul path, your life that you may have never looked at before. 

Maybe a perspective on your situations, your views you may have never considered before. You always choose, you always have, you always will. And as you listen to these channeled messages at the Circle of Light…let the love permeate you through an eternal language of wisdom you may have never heard before. 

Be open to experience more in your lives…be open to experience more of YOU.


From the guide Demitrius at a circle this August, on Receiving

“What does it take for one to understand how to receive? It would mean that you would have to be in a certain state of surrender, curiosity, vulnerability. Indeed to be truly open, it is a curious thing, for you must not think of yourself while you are thinking of yourself. Think on it, you must release this very tight grip on wanting to receive; wanting to receive would probably be at odds with actually receiving it.

If one is to surrender, one must have reverence, if one is to have reverence, one must surrender. To want to receive actually comes from a place of defense, because you feel you have not received anything, and so you are going to make efforts to make sure that you receive something in the future. For this state of not receiving is not pleasurable nor acceptable to you. How does one receive the taste of a fruit? Do you try to taste it, or do you relax, you surrender? Do you try to feel the embrace of someone, or would you rather surrender to the embrace? Which do you think requires less effort and is more full in the feeling? To want to take the embrace or rather to surrender to it? ”

At the Circle of Light every week, people gather to participate with Riz as he “trance channels.” While in a deep meditative state, Spirit Guides speak through Riz and offer messages of profound wisdom and insight. One Guide in particular is a wise Native American chief called Red Eagle. Red Eagle’s message has exploded in popularity in every city The Circle of Light travels  This wisdom has been captured in the book Red Eagle Speaks!

All aspects of life, love, consciousness, and how to live a fuller, deeper, more vibrant existence are discussed. Personal questions are answered. People laugh, cry and are awakened by the guidance and clarity. The Circle of Light brings people together.

Cost: $40
I was seriously blown away by Red Eagle. I’ve been a metaphysician all my life, and witnessed numerous channels, who, honestly, did not impress me. Your having channeled Red Eagle gave me a new take on having witnessed a truly inspiring and moving phenomenon.
Diana A Aylward
Riz channeling Red Eagle Kona, Hawaii

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